Securing High-Value Vehicles With Security Cameras

The fleet of luxury cars and heavy-duty vehicles requires highly sophisticated security cameras to ensure safe day-to-day operations.

When you arrive at our showroom, you will notice to the pristine condition of our prestige vehicles, and this is mainly due to the measure we have in place.

Conditions reports occur weekly and if any new damage or marking is found on the vehicles, we are quick to assess.

The solar powered onsite cameras we invest in ensure that every minute is captured in high-definition.

There is no stone that goes unturned when it comes to the highly advanced security cameras.

The reason why we are telling you this is so that you know that you will receive a prestigious experience, from speaking to our highly experienced staff to driving away with your pristinely kept prestige vehicle hire.

How Solar Powered Security Cameras Prevent Theft
Regardless of if you have one vehicle on your premises or a fleet of fifteen, you need to consider the investment of solar powered remote security cameras.

This advanced technology is not only for the benefit of our team at Prestige Vehicle Hire, it’s for the insurance of your hire or owned vehicle.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, exquisite, rare, and luxury cars with a market value of over $200K are often stolen.

The time, effort, and general cost of getting your vehicle stolen is an extreme burden.

You need to deal with the potential loss of work, alternative transportation costs, time costs of searching and administration around the investigation, and all the other mountains of paperwork.

We see this time and time again, and in a lot of circumstances – the owner or hirer of the vehicle never sees it again.

Why is this a reality? It’s a reality because these luxury and high-value vehicle thefts happen all too often and are successful for the thieves. Buyers on the other end rarely claim a suspicious car sale to authorities – especially if they’re getting a deal for it!

So – how can solar powered security cameras prevent the theft of these vehicles?

Solar powered security cameras prevent theft better than any other camera or CCTV system as these:

Capture high-definition imagery 24/7
Feature bright lights that are turned on when an intruder walks on site (or home)
Broadcasts warnings to the intruder
Contacts site owners and authorities as soon as a breach occurs
Intimidates criminals away from site
Runs on solar power with back-up battery
Easy to install
These benefits and features are insane! But it’s not just a showroom or home garage that remote solar security cameras can help prevent crime.

Building sites need to utilise these cameras too! Construction site cameras are as important as solar security cameras for high-value vehicles.